Coachings - New York City

A stylistically versatile coach, Alexander holds his B.MUS in composition from Arizona State University and M.M. in conducting from Shenandoah Conservatory where he studied with Rick Edinger (Associate Teaching Professor of Theatre - Carnegie Mellon), Dr. Kathryn Green (Director of CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute - Shenandoah Conservatory), and Dr. Matthew Edwards (Artistic Director of CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute - Shenandoah Conservatory).

Previous to moving to New York City in August 2019, Alexander was the Visiting Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre and Coordinating Instructor of Voice at North Central College where he taught voice, audition technique, and music theatre history. Additional appointments include Chicago Music Theatre Festival, Out of the Box Theatrics, Arizona Broadway Theatre, Phoenix Theatre, Creede Repertory Theatre and Interlakes Summer Theatre.

What to Expect

With a deep knowledge of repertoire, coachings with Alexander are a combination of evidence-based vocal pedagogy, contemporary commercial music stylisms, audition/callback preparation and continued music education.


Appointments are $50 per hour. To reduce overhead costs and ensure consistent availability, the majority of coachings are at Alexander’s shared residence on 135th & Broadway.


Few musicians in the world are as disciplined, intuitive, and luminous as Alexander Tom. He does not hoard his knowledge; he wants to pass on as much as he possibly can. He is the kindest and most giving person I have ever had the privilege of working with - there are few like him!
— Logan Smith, Singer-Songwriter at
Alexander used his extensive knowledge to translate vocal technique in a way I could easily understand while working with him as a Music Director. He has a clear, concise way of explaining the end goal so a singer/performer understands the road map of how to produce results. Alexander is personable and quick to befriend so you have an amicable relationship right away, making it a comfortable environment to try and try again.
— Ally Gray, BFA - Hartt School 2021
As a vocal coach and music educator, Alexander has the ability to communicate complex concepts in a manner that is concrete and easy to understand. He is also willing and able to experiment with the unique vocal instrument of each individual student.
— Ashley Knaack, BFA - Shenandoah Conservatory 2018
On top of being a superbly professional person to work with, Mr. Tom is an incredibly gifted musician and teacher. I was in complete awe of both the sheer amount of knowledge Mr. Tom had, and his own personal skill with having to create arrangements, modify keys instantly, and play some of the most complicated musical scores in the musical theatre canon without fail.
— Jacob Wasson, BFA - Point Park University 2018
He communicates effectively and clearly and treats his work as a two way street; he can call the shots and be direct with his choices all the while respecting and encouraging feedback from whomever he is coaching or directing. He is poised and fun! He has a history or wonderful vocal technique that coincides and supports what I’ve been working on in lessons. He treats the voice beautifully.
— Jacob Greene, BFA - Hartt School 2021